Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is a new model for delivering Primary Care services which results in better quality of care, improved provider-patient relationship, better patient satisfaction and significant savings on healthcare insurance cost. Direct Primary Care provides  the following services that are included in a monthly fee; 


  • Unlimited office visits 

  • Extended appointment times  

  • 1 hour for yearly physicals/ annual wellness exams 

  • After hours access to doctor 

  • Free virtual visits with doctor 

  • Priority walk-in appointments 

  • Saturday and extended evening appointments 

  • Free forms filled out by doctor 

  • Discounted labs* 

  • Discounted Pure Encapsulations** 

  • Free in-office testing*** 

  • Free/discounted procedures 

  • Care coordination – Our office will schedule appointments with specialist 

  • No- "no show" fees 


*Labs done by a third party will be at a discounted rate. 

** Pure Encapsulations will be at a discount of 40%  from site prices.  

*** Our office in office testing includes; strep test, pregnancy test, flu and urinalysis. 

****Procedures that are done in office include; joint injection, nebulizer treatment, laceration repairs, IUD insertion (must buy device before insertion) and ½ off ear lobe repairs.


Please contact our office if you are interested in a DPC membership