Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new model for delivering Primary Care services which results in better quality of care, improved doctor-patient relationship, better patient satisfaction and significant savings on healthcare costs. Health insurance coverage is strongly recommended, but so called "cadillac" plans with high premiums are designed to have you pre-pay for services you may not need when you have easy access to your primary care team. Direct Primary Care provides the following services that are included in your monthly fee; 


  • All Office visits 

  • All Telemedicine appointments

  • Extended appointment times  

  • After hours access 

  • Free forms completed

  • Medical marijuana certifications for appropriate patients included

  • 25% off Pure Encapsulations orders 

  • Discounted labs* 

  • Free in-office testing**

  • Free/discounted procedures 

  • Care coordination – Our office can help coordinate with specialists 

  • No- "no show" fees 


*Labs done by a third party will be at a discounted rate. 

** Our office in office testing includes; strep test, pregnancy test, flu and urinalysis. 

****Examples of procedures that are done in office include; joint injection, nebulizer treatment, laceration repairs, IUD insertion (must buy device before insertion) and ear lobe repairs.

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