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Women's Health


Pap smear
Breast exams
STD prevention & treatment
Contraception management
IUD placement and removal
Mental Health


Children's Health

School & sports physicals
Vision & hearing screening
Developmental screenings
*We respect our patients who have a religious or moral objection to immunizations
Low testosterone
High blood pressure
Erectile dysfunction
Cholesterol testing & treatment
Mental Health

Men's Health


Earlobe repair

Removal of minor skin lesions
Wart removal or cryotherapy (freezing)
Abscesses drained

Joint & tendon




Skincare & Minor Skin Procedures





  • Beautiful results in just one week!
  • No more layering on make-up to hide damaged skin
  • Safe for darker skin types
  • Dramatically improves skin tone and texture
  • Highly effective in treating hyper pigmentation (dark scars)
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production for younger looking skin
  • Look great for your wedding, reunion, or prom


Now Offering ViPeel Dermatology Services!!



Sugar diabetes
High blood pressure (Hypertension)
Coronary artery disease
High cholesterol​
Vascular disease


Including evaluation for autism, attention deficit, and depression




Chronic Disease Management

Mental Health

Adolescent Health & Counseling

By law, any reproductive health services provided to adolescents are done so confidentially.

Nutritional Supplements

Order your vitamins and supplements through our partner website.


Visit Nutritional Supplement Website Now>


Immigration Examinations 

Immigration physical & document completion - $200


Syphilis screening - $11 (billed directy from Quest Diagnostics)


Tuberculosis screening:


PPD (included)

Chest X-ray - $100 (billed by Pennsylvania Diagnostic Imaging (215-331-9100)




Required for ages 18+:


TdaP - $33

MMR - $54

Varicella - $89

Influenza -$20


Immunizations for children and infants also available



Learn More About Immigration Physical Exam Requirements>