Thank You to Our Donors!

Fountain Medical Associates would like to thank all the donors who have given to Dr. Shabazz. It's never to late to continue to make a contribution, You can donate to our GoFundMe campaign, make a check out to Fountain Medical Associates, use cash or by Paypal! Every donation is very much appreciated!




Oasis Donors

Danielle Bullock

Madaline Dunn & Rebecca Ray 

Kamilah Harris

Thomas Jehad

Kia Kaplan 

Martin (Marvin) Kaplan

Aisha Muhammad 

Daisy Muhammad 

Errol Muhammad  

Tammy Muhammad

Carolyn Pugh 

Annie Dee Raleigh

Ali Salahuddin 

Aminah Shabazz ​

Chrystal Williams-Davis

Candra Wooten-Mumford MD

Fountain Donors

River Donors

Waterfall Donors

Kawama Akbar

Saundra Ali

Wali Ali

Janet Benson-Bashir

Moses Briggs

Susan Killen 

Denise Kirby

James & Lena Lewis

James Muhammad

Jehron Muhammad 

Najla Muhammad 

Hassan Rasheed

Vicki Redmond

Ervin Rembert 

Gwen Russell

Canvas Soup 

Sheila Washington

Khaleelah Williams 

Janice Winston​

Jareed Ahmed

(Global Advisory Services)

Arlene Turner Cage

Dr. Rosa Lewis

Valeria Muhammad 

Michael Rashid 

Dr. Claire Robinson ​ ​

Stephanie Ali (Mocca Group) 

Aginah Shabazz